You are working in a company, institution or university?

logo_final_graufont_transpbg_xachYou are working process-oriented, and looking for a tool, that makes the process cycle more easily?

Here is the answer: XPATVISOR

  • The XpatVisor is developed as a software to create and present different, sometimes critical, pathways providing all necessary information at every step of the path.
  • The XpatVisor enables its user to provide comprehensive information in a visual appearing and informative step-by-step timeline.
  • The flexibility oriented programming of the XpatVisor ensures maximum flexibility for every of your projects as you can decide for every single project what to include, exclude, present and not present. You can configure the XpatVisor to suit any of your projects.
  • Hence, the XpatVisor fits not only content-wise but also visually to your online services.
  • The XpatVisor can be created by using simple but effective templates, however, we can also design the XpatVisor completely new, according to your requests and demands. This holds not only for different colors and shapes but for every element, including Icons, links, tools etc.

Gohelpy self-managed relocation and immigration online portal is using the XpatVisor to support people moving from one city of Germany to another or coming from abroad in order to work and live in Germany.