Relocation and Digitalization for migration?

Relocation is a long and well-known but costly thing. It is more a service offered to highly settled managers and high-end salary earners than a service for average earners. Furthermore, it became dramatically complicated and unclear due to increased digitalization and more and more websites providing information.
How can relocation get clearer again? And how could the process of digitalization be used to increase proficiency of relocation, to facilitate migration from one country/city to another country/city and how could we make relocation available for average earners and the broad population?
Nowadays the main problem is that every city itself provides a bulk of information on its city website, however most of the time in the country’s language only, or without related links or further information regarding specific documents or specific steps one has to take. Not everyone can effort to engage private relocation services and those people have to wander alone through the jungle of different websites, languages and chaotic documents to get the information they need to organize their migration.
The new idea is to combine relocation services with digitalization in such a manner to make it easy and affordable for the vast majority of people moving from one country to another. Online-Portals such as gohelpy provide all the information you need in multiple languages, and most importantly: on one platform! You do not need to search multiple websites or research for hours the specific documents you need for e.g. a renting contract or your registration with the municipality. Those portals provide all information, steps and documents you need and adapt it to your desires and circumstances! Those portals digitalize the old relocation service and develops it further on to another level: away from an upper class, top-salary earner service to a service for everyone!
Try it out now!

New Trend: Professional people sharing flats

You are not a student anymore but you do feel like a student or miss your good old student times in shared flats? You are single but you do not want to live alone?
Then you should follow this new trend: professional people sharing flats! More and more of these types of shared flats are popping up in bigger cities.
The advantages? – Many!
You do not have to live alone by your own, however if you are professional you might not want to live together with students, having completely different daily routines, and of course a different standing towards tidiness and comfort.
Sharing a flat with other professionals offers you a family of like-minded people. You share a similar daily routine and most of the time you have similar standings concerning comfort, tidiness and house rules.
Professionals do have a higher level of comfort they want to live in, however they also have a bigger budget as they are working already. Students do not have such high-level expectations towards their rooms as their budget is only small and they are not working but studying…and partying (you know you were a student once as well). However, therefore professional sharing a flat with student could cause some trouble. This is the reason why the new trend of ‘professional shared flats’ is rising so fast. Multiple online portals included already the option to search for ‘professional shared flats’ as opposed to ‘student shared flats’ within the bigger cities of Germany such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and co.
This might be something for you? Try it out! Find your room in a shared flat and live together with like-minded.

Housing market in Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich

At most German Universities the winter term (Wintersemester) will start in October.

This means, thousands of students are moving from their home town to their university town. They all are looking after flats or rooms in shared flats. The situation becomes critical in the housing property market in the main towns of Germany. Thousands of flats are missing in cities like Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich.
It’s a very hard procedure. If you identify a flat online, you have to arrange an appointment for flat viewing. You must have all your paperwork with, otherwise you will not have any chance. Then you stand in line with more 50 interested persons, waiting to get a view on flat.

The housing market in Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich is really becoming worse.

Summer break in Germany

…is finding properties and real estate easier now?

Germany has holidays. Schools are closed, many people are on holiday and even political Berlin is on holiday. While many tourists visit the big German cities, you feel it: summer break has started. Rush hour is not as bad as usual and it is quieter in the office – everything is less hectic.
The same applies to the housing market. People rarely move during the summer months. The demand for properties and real estates is smaller at the moment, even flats are less demanded during the summer months.

However, this means not that flat hunting in Munich, Stuttgart or Berlin is easy now. It might be easier if you search now and go against the current. There might not be more offers, but it is less hectic and there might be fewer competitors in the house hunting and real estate business.

Try your luck – make use of the summer break!

Flat or holiday apartments Berlin

New decision concerning holiday apartments in Berlin!

About 16000 flats are now allowed to be rented as holiday apartments as they are used only rarely by their owners. The administrative court of Berlin decided that secondary residences may be rented out to tourists and are not covered by the “Zweckentfremdungsgesetz” (law of misappropriation).
What consequences does this decision have for the already tense housing market?

Berlin’s housing market is tense since several years and will be tense in future. It needs to be awaited whether and how the decision influences the market. However, only flats which are used as secondary residence are allowed to be rented out, and are only allowed to be rented for several days or a few weeks a per year. The owners need to proof their own usage of the flat. Hence, the flat wont be on the housing market, even without the decision.

Relocation – Settle down in Munich

You want to enjoy a flying start in Munich?
Ok, what has to be done? You should keep in mind several things.
Munich with many inhabitants is an outward-looking and multicultural place to live. But some organizational duties have to be done first. These are challenging and may be different from your home country.

You´ll have several questions before arriving in Munich
Where do I want to work?
Where and how do I want to live?
How do I find housing?
Which regulatory matters have to be done?
What? How? Where? When?

How to settle down in Berlin

You want to enjoy a flying start in Berlin?

Ok, what has to be done? You should keep in mind several things.

Although, Berlin is an outward-looking and multicultural place to live, organizational duties have to be done first, these are challenging and a bit different from your home country.
You´ll have several questions before arriving in Berlin,

  • Where do I want to work?
  • Where and how do I want to live?
  • How do I find housing?
  • Which regulatory matters have to be done?
  • What? How? Where? When?

Gohelp.y provides answers and solutions for you.

  • In order to make your steps to your new home in Berlin as easy as possible, we classify and manage them with you,
  • We do not only provide you with information, but we develop an individual road-map for your way as well. This road-map guides you to the whole process, beginning in the country your currently live in until living in Berlin. After moving to your new flat, the process of feeling home in Berlin starts: learning German, finding sports and leisure activities and discovering your new city. We accompany you during this process as well, if you like.

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