Elections in France – Changing Point for the EU?

Macron clear success in the parliamentary elections mark a success for the planned reforms in the EU. Macron is known for his rather pro-European mindset. In the parliamentary elections this weekend he won clearly and defeated the traditional parties as well as Marine Le Pen’s “Font National” significantly. What the first round of the parliamentary elections indicated already was confirmed in the second round: Macron has a huge majority in the parliament.

German politicians congratulate Macron and welcome the results of this weekend’s elections as success for Europe. Does Macron`s success mark a changing point in the development of the crisis-ridden Europe?

It could be, however the success is not as beautiful as it seems, there is a flaw: the historically low turnout of the elections: more than 57% did not participate in the elections. How representative is this result then? Nobody knows.

Nevertheless, change is coming, the new French parliament will be younger and composed of more women than ever before. The average age drops to 47 years and 37% of the parliamentarians will be female. This shows that something is happening and keeps hope alive for change and modernization, not in only in France but in the whole EU.

For the EU however, we need to await whether the French elections will have any influence on German elections in September. The last election of the year will mark a distinctive point for the further political, social and economic development of Europe.

Fingers crossed, hope for the best and go voting in order to participate in reforming EU and solving our problems.