Munich „Oktoberfest“ has started

The world biggest beer festival “Oktoberfest” had have it’s grand opening on Saturday. Many visitors will be there drinking beer, riding a roller coaster and walking around the “Wiesn” during the next two weeks.

Some hints for the “Wiesn”

  • The special beer “Wiesn Maß” costs Euro 10.40 to 10.70 this year
  • You can only enter the festival through one of the nine entrances (security reasons)
  • Backpack and bags are forbidden, you must deposit them at the entrance in a box.
  • the 14 large as well as many smaller tents provide for lots of beer, Bavarian food like Schweinshaxe & Co. and brass music.
  • Going to the festival by public transport

Everybody hope that the rain will stop and the weather will be fine again.