Berlin elections

Berlin elections for the Abgeordnetenhaus

On 18th September all eligible Berlin residents are called to cast their vote. Who is eligible? Berlin elections are twofold, the districts assemblies are elected as well as the Abgeordnetenhaus (parliament of Berlin). Everyone above 16, holding the EU citizenship, having lived at least three month in Berlin and being registered in Berlin at least six weeks before the election can vote for the disctricts’ assemblies. To vote for the Abgeordnetenhaus you need to be 18 and above, need to hold the German citizenship and need to be registered resident of Berlin.
These elections promise to be thrilling. How do the current events influence Berlin’s residents? How does Terrorism, increased migration and integration especially through refugees influence the opinion and the decision of the Berliners?

Are you eligible to vote and not sure yet for whom to vote? Or are you just curious to know which party would supports your desires and concerns most? Try the Wahl-o-mat!