Successful and sustainable integration

A new beginning in Germany might be a big opportunity. What does such a new beginning mean especially for migrating people? – A new job? New surroundings and new social contacts? How can one ensure a successful new beginning?
Many people have these hopes and succeed in finding a new job and handle even the sometimes extremely difficult subject of house hunting. However, they are confronted with new challenges and stumbling blocs on a daily basis, which complicate full integration and starting life at the new home.
Many people forget that a new beginning in a new country goes beyond finding a job and a place to live. It’s a complexity of various challenges. Learning the new language is not enough in order to integrate completely.

The online relocation portal gohelpy offers in cooperation and coordination with Agentur Ahrens an extensive preparation and integration. Relocation stands for support in completing all necessary steps – administrative, formal as well as organizational – in the most efficient and comfortable order. In coordination with intercultural training and coaching and successful as well as sustainable integration is the result.

To take the chance of a new beginning in life does not mean finding a job, but finding friends and being integrated at the workplace and in the new social environment.