Integration into the German labour market

Suspension of priority review (Vorrangprüfung) facilitates integration into the German labour market.

The German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs decided to suspend the priority review in the majority of the 156 agency districts for asylum seekers and tolerated persons. Until recently it had to be checked whether German employees were available instead of employing asylum seekers and tolerated. The suspension facilitates the integration the integration of these persons into the labour market, as employment of those failed often because of the review. Undertakings as well as the Chamber of Industry and Commerce appreciate the decision as this facilitates filling jobs and raises efficiency. The International Chamber of Commerce mentions however that filling jobs with refugees is not a long-term solution against skills shortage in Germany.


A bit of Rio in Berlin?

Nearly a month after the Olympic games in Rio have ended Berlin-Marathon is coming up again and brings the Rio-feeling to Berlin. In mid-end September on September, 24th and 25th a weekend full of sport events, music, and happiness turns the city upside-down.

Berlin-Marathon is always an adventure for participants as well as for people cheering along the track. Samba drummers and music stations along the track motivate and fire up participants and spectators.
Berlin-Marathon is one of the best-known marathons of the world, part of the World Marathon Majors, and as popular as the races in New York or London. Runners, Inline-skaters or hand-bikers – there is a race for everyone even the smallest (born 2006 and younger) can participate in the Bambini-race. You are not that into sports? Just cheer along the track! Starting in the Tiergarten it runs through Berlin’s diversity in Mitte, Neukölln, Kreuzberg and Schöneberg, through quieter and village-like districts such as Friedenau, Schmargendorf and Wilmersdorf and coming back to the vibrant heart of the Marathon weekend around Brandenburg Gate, where the runners reach the finish line. Along the track various music stations, first aid and refreshing station ensure good mood along and on the track!

Summer break in Germany

…is finding properties and real estate easier now?

Germany has holidays. Schools are closed, many people are on holiday and even political Berlin is on holiday. While many tourists visit the big German cities, you feel it: summer break has started. Rush hour is not as bad as usual and it is quieter in the office – everything is less hectic.
The same applies to the housing market. People rarely move during the summer months. The demand for properties and real estates is smaller at the moment, even flats are less demanded during the summer months.

However, this means not that flat hunting in Munich, Stuttgart or Berlin is easy now. It might be easier if you search now and go against the current. There might not be more offers, but it is less hectic and there might be fewer competitors in the house hunting and real estate business.

Try your luck – make use of the summer break!

Berlin elections

Berlin elections for the Abgeordnetenhaus

On 18th September all eligible Berlin residents are called to cast their vote. Who is eligible? Berlin elections are twofold, the districts assemblies are elected as well as the Abgeordnetenhaus (parliament of Berlin). Everyone above 16, holding the EU citizenship, having lived at least three month in Berlin and being registered in Berlin at least six weeks before the election can vote for the disctricts’ assemblies. To vote for the Abgeordnetenhaus you need to be 18 and above, need to hold the German citizenship and need to be registered resident of Berlin.
These elections promise to be thrilling. How do the current events influence Berlin’s residents? How does Terrorism, increased migration and integration especially through refugees influence the opinion and the decision of the Berliners?

Are you eligible to vote and not sure yet for whom to vote? Or are you just curious to know which party would supports your desires and concerns most? Try the Wahl-o-mat!

Successful and sustainable integration

A new beginning in Germany might be a big opportunity. What does such a new beginning mean especially for migrating people? – A new job? New surroundings and new social contacts? How can one ensure a successful new beginning?
Many people have these hopes and succeed in finding a new job and handle even the sometimes extremely difficult subject of house hunting. However, they are confronted with new challenges and stumbling blocs on a daily basis, which complicate full integration and starting life at the new home.
Many people forget that a new beginning in a new country goes beyond finding a job and a place to live. It’s a complexity of various challenges. Learning the new language is not enough in order to integrate completely.

The online relocation portal gohelpy offers in cooperation and coordination with Agentur Ahrens an extensive preparation and integration. Relocation stands for support in completing all necessary steps – administrative, formal as well as organizational – in the most efficient and comfortable order. In coordination with intercultural training and coaching and successful as well as sustainable integration is the result.

To take the chance of a new beginning in life does not mean finding a job, but finding friends and being integrated at the workplace and in the new social environment.

Flat or holiday apartments Berlin

New decision concerning holiday apartments in Berlin!

About 16000 flats are now allowed to be rented as holiday apartments as they are used only rarely by their owners. The administrative court of Berlin decided that secondary residences may be rented out to tourists and are not covered by the “Zweckentfremdungsgesetz” (law of misappropriation).
What consequences does this decision have for the already tense housing market?

Berlin’s housing market is tense since several years and will be tense in future. It needs to be awaited whether and how the decision influences the market. However, only flats which are used as secondary residence are allowed to be rented out, and are only allowed to be rented for several days or a few weeks a per year. The owners need to proof their own usage of the flat. Hence, the flat wont be on the housing market, even without the decision.

Online Relocation – Save you money and time

Because of Brexit, a job offer or family issues, you are planning to move to Germany? Save money and time by informing yourself via an online relocation portal. Online relocation portals provide you with information about when to do what.

They tell you which administrative steps are most important, and the order in which you have to complete them. Furthermore, some portals provide handy hints and additional services, if you desire.

Some portals even provide information, tailor-made to your individual circumstances. This facilitates a smooth relocation process, which you can organize from your home country already.