EU freedom of movement for workers “Freizügigkeit”

New Office for the Equal Treatment of EU Workers “Gleichbehandlungsstelle” is established in Berlin. Within the European Union (EU), citizens of EU member states enjoy the right to move freely between countries to work.
The objective of the Equal Treatment Office is to support EU citizens in the rights of freedom of movement for workers they have in Germany. This new office is therefore aimed at EU citizens exercising their right to freedom of movement in Germany permanent, seasonal or as frontier workers or jobseekers, as well as their families.

The support provided to EU workers and their families in Germany includes advice and information regarding:
Access to employment
Conditions of employment and work
Access to social and tax advantages
Access to training
Access to housing
Access to school education and vocational training
Membership of trade unions and eligibility for workers’ representative bodies
Assistance afforded by employment offices