Pathways to Germany Part1 Job-seekers

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You have a recognized or comparable university degree? You want to work and live in Germany, you want to seek employment here and you can prove sufficient financial means?
In this case you can entry Germany and reside here. However, administrative work is to be done as well.

What do I need to do before going to Germany?
Generally, you should find out about special and intergovernmental agreements between your country and Germany. Make an appointment at the German embassy in your country and apply for a visa (if necessary). Bear in mind long waiting times for appointments and processing time for the visa! The visa is valid for 1-3 months.

What do I need to do once I entered Germany?
After having entered Germany it is of utmost importance to register with the municipality of the city. This is a condition to register the with foreign nationals’ registration authority, which is responsible for you in Germany.

They tell you which documents you need in order to apply for a residence permit and you apply here for the residence permit.

Handy hints:
– make appointments early in time in order to circumvent long waiting times and delays.
– in order to facilitate and accelerate the process you can inform yourself about the forms you need online at various platforms such as gohelp.y. You can print all forms and checklists at home and take them with you for your appointment.

Summer in Berlin

Summer in Berlin has started and so has the festival and event season. Berlin does not only provide for usual leisure activities during summer such as many open-air pools, lakes and outdoor cinemas but many events take place.
The most important current events this summer are:

EM-Fanmeile at Brandenburger Tor (until the Final)
Sport: Public Viewing during the European Football Championship at the international Fan Fest in Berlin – follow the German matches at an intercultural party-mile filled with happiness and cheering fans.

Berlin Fashion-Week (28.06-01.07.2016)
Fashion: tomorrow Berlin Fashion Week starts and brings fashion back into the centre of the town. Providing the recent trends and alternative events, for which you can register, it is not only interesting for professional buyers.

Biennale (04.06-18.09.2016; multiple locations)
Culture: Summer of Art – already for the 9th time you can attend events and exhibitions of contemporary art in Berlin during Biennale

Staatsoper für Alle (09.07.2016; 18 Uhr, Bebelplatz)
Classical Music: follow the Staatskappelle Berlin directed by Daniel Barenboim – open air and for free.

Christopher Street Day (23.07.2016)
The biggest gay-lesbian “holiday” will be celebrated by up to 500000 on 23.07.2016 in Berlin. As every summer the parade and the subsequent parties will attract not only the gay-lesbian scene

Berlin: Registration at the municipality office – procedure

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You can do your registration in every municipality office in any district hence, in entire Berlin regardless in which district you live. It is better to arrange an appointment at the office, but sometimes it is hard to get one.

If you go there directly without having an appointment for registering, often this implies long waiting times. Another possibility is to make an appointment beforehand, this is possible via internet or by phone.

For the registration procedure you have to take the completed form and your identity card or passport with you. If you want to register your family as well, you have to take your marriage certificate and your children’s birth certificates with you (only first registration in Berlin). If you want to register someone moving in the flat together with you, you need a letter of attorney and the identity card or passport of her/

Berlin: Registration at the municipality office – why is it that important?

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Authorities

Registration at the municipality office – why is it that important?

You are legally required to register your place of residence in Berlin. That is one important reason. The second reason is that as you are coming from a third country and want to apply for a residence permit as well as a working permit, it is essential to register. The national registration authority “LABO” in Berlin is only responsible for you once you are registered in Berlin. Your application cannot be processed without registration in Berlin.

The next very important reason for registration is: once you start your employment, your employer needs your tax id “steuerliche Identifikationsnummer” otherwise he is not able to do your monthly play slip. This tax id is organized by the municipality office once you are registered. After a few days your tax id will be sent to your address.

Lastly, if you want to apply for child benefit in Germany you need to be registered as well. You have to provide, in order to fill in the form, your name, address etc. you have to fill in your tax id as well.


Berlin Green Market

The „Green Market“  in Berlin takes place on 18th and 19th of June this year.

The 2-day lifestyle market in Berlin offers street food, fashion, cosmetic and little gifts all without animal components. This year special vegan market opens its doors in the area of the “Alten Kindle Brauerei”.More than 30 market trader offer beside regional food and drinks also little gifts, fashion and cosmetics. All presented products are without animal components. You will find international vegan food specialties and live music.

The Green Market will open on both days from 12 am to  22 pm.

Student Welcome Club Stuttgart

Event for national and international students to exchange information in Stuttgart
The “Welcome Club Stuttgart” is a great chance to meet students from Germany and all around the world.

Join the get-together and make friends, exchange experiences and discover Stuttgart or get in touch with other students.

The Student Welcome Club will take place in the world Café, Center of Stuttgart every first Monday of the month at 7.00 p.m.

You want to learn more…

EU freedom of movement for workers “Freizügigkeit”

New Office for the Equal Treatment of EU Workers “Gleichbehandlungsstelle” is established in Berlin. Within the European Union (EU), citizens of EU member states enjoy the right to move freely between countries to work.
The objective of the Equal Treatment Office is to support EU citizens in the rights of freedom of movement for workers they have in Germany. This new office is therefore aimed at EU citizens exercising their right to freedom of movement in Germany permanent, seasonal or as frontier workers or jobseekers, as well as their families.

The support provided to EU workers and their families in Germany includes advice and information regarding:
Access to employment
Conditions of employment and work
Access to social and tax advantages
Access to training
Access to housing
Access to school education and vocational training
Membership of trade unions and eligibility for workers’ representative bodies
Assistance afforded by employment offices