Berlin’s Lack of teachers

The lack of teachers in primary schools in Berlin is growing.

Berlin has not enough teachers especially for primary schools. Caused by this fact the Senate/Ministry of Berlin for Education, Science and Research is recruiting teachers from Austria and the Netherlands.  Starting now the Berliner Education Administration places advertisements in Austrian newspapers for the upcoming three weeks.

The Senator of Education Mrs Scheeres said in her statement that people who live close to the German border in Austria and the Netherlands are able to speak proficiently German. Brandenburg is looking for foreign teachers as well. Here, teachers from Poland are preferred.

Detailed information on how to become a teacher for primary schools are available here. The Senate/ministry of Education, Science and Research formed a list of criteria and a table of salary for prospective primary school teachers in Germany.

You want to learn more? The Berliner Education Administration will answer your question at their open day “Berliner Day” 23rd of April 2016.