Creative City of Berlin

How become a fellow of the creative City of Berlin

Foreign artists, talents and member of the creative economy moving to Berlin get a chance to get easily in touch with the creative professionals, artists and talents in Berlin.
We show you how to become a fellow of the cutural and creative economy of Berlin.

Berlin stands for an integrated approach to the cultural and creative economy. Launched in 2004, Berlin’s Cultural Economy Initiative (Kulturwirtschaftsinitiative) has evolved into a state-wide, inter-agency and cross-ministerial initiative that enjoys the support of businesses, networks, institutions and political parties. The best approach to learn more the creative city of Berlin is using special platforms.

  • By using the platform Creative City Berlin, you get an overview off all activities Berlin offers to you. You can enter networks, communicate with other artists, get a member of the creative community of Berlin.
  • starting with Kulturprojekte Berlin, you will learn everything about Berlin events (from Berlin Art Week to the Long Night of Museums).   It foster Cultural Education fosters the relationship and transfer of ideas between Art & Cultural Institutions, the wider cultural scene and children, young people and adults from different communities, backgrounds, generations, in various languages.
  • You also can get some information about the creative economy of Berlin on the offical page of Berlin.