International students can increase their chances of good career start in Germany

International Students:
Voluntary Engagement or voluntary internship improves the opportunities for starting successlully a career in Germany.

The Expert Council of German Foundations in Integration and Migration surveyed 2,565 international master’s degree students throughout Germany. In the survey of international students asks what can help international students successfully begin their professional careers in Germany.
An active involvement in sport clubs or, neibourhood initiatives and church congretions, helps the students, who want to stay in German, to improve their German. They are more aware of residence laws, have more effective problem- solving strategies and know more people they can ask to help them.“It has also been shown that interships and volunteer work in particular is very important for acquiring skills relevant to the job application process and for creating the respective networks. The findings of the survey of the Expert Council’s Research Unit shows, that volunteer work pays off. International students who take advantage of these opportunities icrease their chances of good career start in Germany.
The whole findings of the survey.