Bike Boxes for Berlin

Within as a pilot project the company velo easy and the district of Lichtenberg installed the new „Fahhrradbox“. This green bike box will give shelter to bikes while parking in front of the station of Lichtenberg.

Many biks are demanged or stolen in Berlin day after day. Now the Lichtenberg district Manager and the easy velo company starts a project to protect bikes while standing in front of the station in Lichtenberg. If you go by bicycle to the station in order to take a train, and park your bike, very often you will find your bike demanged when returning or do not find it any more because it is stolen. In order avoid this, you can rent this green bike box. It costs you about one Euro for the first hour, maximum price is three Euros per day. So the only thing you have to do is to download the app and make a reservation for a box – then park your bike in the box and lock it , so your bike wil be safe.