Opening Bank account in Germany

The European Parliament has decided to introduce the basic account between the start of 2016 and September 2016 at the latest. A non-discriminatory application should then legally be possible for every EU citizen.

To date it has not been possible for every citizen to obtain a current account in Germany. There had to be fullfilles some condition until the end of 2015:
Stipulation of the permanent place of residence
In order to personally identify yourself, production of an identity document containing your surname, forename, address, date of birth and a biometric passport photograph
Proof of creditworthiness/solvency.

To date there has been no legal right to a current account in Germany! Salary payments, welfare benefits, rent payments, etc. become a problem for affected persons. With effect from 2016, however, EU citizens will have a national right to a current account through the basic account.
What does a basic account include
Objective of a basic account is to fundamentally allow the holder to take part in cashless payment transactions. This will probably involve a current account on a credit basis. You can therefore dispose of the money which is actually in your account.
The basic account will enable you to
– make deposits and payments (salary payments, receipt of welfare benefits, etc.),
– transfer money and make payments by direct debit (rent payments, invoices, etc.).
The cash card with the basic account
You will normally receive a cash card (Maestro or giro card) with your current account.


Berlin Air Show ILA

Upcoming ILA from 1st of June to 4th of June this year.

With more than 4,000 journalists from over 70 countries attending the trade show, ILA Berlin Air Show is one of the most important media events in Germany.
ILA Berlin Air Show 2016 will be organized by the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI) and Messe Berlin GmbH. Exhibitors from 40 countries, more than 120.000 trade visitors and a positively evaluated business success of over 80% of trade visitors show: ILA is where supply meets demand at the right place. The German aerospace exhibition is a must-attend event for all international industry experts.
This is where companies and organizations meet, as well as top decision-makers, experts, buyers and young professionals from every segment of the aerospace and aviation industry: Commercial aviation, Space, Defense and Security, Equipment, Engines and Materials, Helicopter, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS/UAV) und many more aerospace services.

learn more about ILA

Daylight saving time – summertime

Daylight saving time – summertime

Daylight saving time in Germany is the practice of setting the clock forward by one hour during the warmer part of the year, so that evenings have more daylight and mornings have less.
Daylights saving time starts on the 27th of March this year, with the time changes taking place at 2:00 a.m. In springtime the clocks are moved forward from 2:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.


Creative City of Berlin

How become a fellow of the creative City of Berlin

Foreign artists, talents and member of the creative economy moving to Berlin get a chance to get easily in touch with the creative professionals, artists and talents in Berlin.
We show you how to become a fellow of the cutural and creative economy of Berlin.

Berlin stands for an integrated approach to the cultural and creative economy. Launched in 2004, Berlin’s Cultural Economy Initiative (Kulturwirtschaftsinitiative) has evolved into a state-wide, inter-agency and cross-ministerial initiative that enjoys the support of businesses, networks, institutions and political parties. The best approach to learn more the creative city of Berlin is using special platforms.

  • By using the platform Creative City Berlin, you get an overview off all activities Berlin offers to you. You can enter networks, communicate with other artists, get a member of the creative community of Berlin.
  • starting with Kulturprojekte Berlin, you will learn everything about Berlin events (from Berlin Art Week to the Long Night of Museums).   It foster Cultural Education fosters the relationship and transfer of ideas between Art & Cultural Institutions, the wider cultural scene and children, young people and adults from different communities, backgrounds, generations, in various languages.
  • You also can get some information about the creative economy of Berlin on the offical page of Berlin.

Key Data of Munich

Munich and the surrounding area are one of Europe’s most dynamic business regions. Major rankings have repeatedly shown the Bavarian capital to be among the leading international business hubs as well.
Global players and SMEs, promising start-up companies, large corporations and one-man businesses all enjoy Munichs’ prosporous economic climate. A broad and well-balanced mix of industries and an excellent infrastructure are complemented by an unrivaled array of leisure and recreational facilities.
Home to 1.5 million people, Munich is the third-largest city in Germany. It is one of the industrialized world’s growing metropolises and is particularly attractive to young, well-educated adults. Forecasts indicate that the resident population will exceed the 1.6 million mark in 2018. Local population growth is also being accompanied by a higher birth rate, which has been steadily increasing for the past eight years. The proportion of foreign nationals – 24.6 percent – is the highest in Germany. People from a total of 180 countries live in Munich, cementing its character as an open-minded city of diversity and tolerance.

Landeshauptstadt München, Referat für Arbeit und Wirtschaft


International students can increase their chances of good career start in Germany

International Students:
Voluntary Engagement or voluntary internship improves the opportunities for starting successlully a career in Germany.

The Expert Council of German Foundations in Integration and Migration surveyed 2,565 international master’s degree students throughout Germany. In the survey of international students asks what can help international students successfully begin their professional careers in Germany.
An active involvement in sport clubs or, neibourhood initiatives and church congretions, helps the students, who want to stay in German, to improve their German. They are more aware of residence laws, have more effective problem- solving strategies and know more people they can ask to help them.“It has also been shown that interships and volunteer work in particular is very important for acquiring skills relevant to the job application process and for creating the respective networks. The findings of the survey of the Expert Council’s Research Unit shows, that volunteer work pays off. International students who take advantage of these opportunities icrease their chances of good career start in Germany.
The whole findings of the survey.

Bike Boxes for Berlin

Within as a pilot project the company velo easy and the district of Lichtenberg installed the new „Fahhrradbox“. This green bike box will give shelter to bikes while parking in front of the station of Lichtenberg.

Many biks are demanged or stolen in Berlin day after day. Now the Lichtenberg district Manager and the easy velo company starts a project to protect bikes while standing in front of the station in Lichtenberg. If you go by bicycle to the station in order to take a train, and park your bike, very often you will find your bike demanged when returning or do not find it any more because it is stolen. In order avoid this, you can rent this green bike box. It costs you about one Euro for the first hour, maximum price is three Euros per day. So the only thing you have to do is to download the app and make a reservation for a box – then park your bike in the box and lock it , so your bike wil be safe.


New Citizens Club in Stuttgart

New Citizens Club: Guided tour city library

You are new in Stuttgart and the region, and you would like to get know people? The New Citizens Club will give you a warm welcome and the opportunity to meet new people, get information and gain new insights in Stuttgart and the region.
The next meeting will take place at the new Stuttgart libary! Thr library is a real architectural sighjt, bu talso a great location to meet other people and get connected. There you can learn German, attend interesting events, or simply read a book.

The tour is free of charge, please register

Meeting place: 6.15 p. m. in front of the library. Mailänder Platz, (via U5, U6, U7, U12 “Stadtbibliothek)


Welcome Service in Stuttgart on Tour

Consultation hour of Stuttgart’s Welcome Service  

Since October of 2015 WSRS (Welcome Service Rigion Stuttgart) offers a regulary consultaton for international specialists or professionals of the region of Böblingen, Esslingen, Göppingen, Ludwigsburg and Rems-Murr.

If you and your family are living in one of these areas we will have the possibility the get a contultation free of charge.

Next consultation of WSRS will be in Göppingen 9th of March 2016 from 8 a.m to 12 a.m.


ITB Berlin International Travel Trade Fair Berlin

ITB Berlin – International Travel Trade Fair Berlin

ITB Berlin (Internationale Tourismus Börse Berlin) will start at the 9th of March. During five days the world’s largest travel trade fair will take place in Berlin. You will have a brilliant chance to learn much about other countries and a unique opportunity to look behind the curtain of the global tourism industry.

It all started in 1966 with exhibitors from only five countries, the number of trade visitors increased fom 250 to over 10,000.  Today the ITB has developed into a worldwide succes its total number of visitor is over 180,000.
The official partner of ITB will be Maldives this year. While trade visitors will have the opportunity to expand their conctacts and do business, other visitors will use this fair to get an impression of the whole world within a few hours.