Self-employed person or freelancer in Berlin

You want to work in Berlin as a freelancer? You want to start up your own business in Berlin?

So what will you have to do? Who will support or assist you?

There are some possibilities you can choose. One of them is the “We start a business in Germany” platform. It will guide you step by step through the company start-up process. Using the initial questions of “What can I do?”, “What do I need?” and “What comes after?”. You will find extensive information about a range of topics including right of residence, required qualifications and prerequisites for your planned self-employment.

The information has been prepared specifically for people from EU and non-EU countries and is currently available in English.

Enter the internet platform We start a business in Germany

Another platform is the single contact platform (EA Berlin). It will guide you through the administrative demands you will have to meet especialy in Berlin. There is a film explaining the procedure a bit. It is also in English.

If you have foreign qualifications and wish to have them recognized in Germany you can get in touch with the IQ network. It will assist you in many issues regarding your recognition. Another possibility is the Recognition Finder, it will navigate you quickly to the appropriate authority responsible for your case. You also have access to all the information you need about the recognition procedure.