Stuttgart an international town

Hello Visitors, today I would like to present SWR, the local radio and tv-broadcaster. SWR has an international team. However, we have even SWR International.
Stuttgart is a real international town. We have more than 44% inhabitants with migrant background. That means almost every second person comes from abroad or has foreign roots somehow. In our region Baden-Wuerttemberg the rate is 28%. People like to live and work in Stuttgart. We are the capital of the land Baden-Wuerttemberg and we have almost no unemployment. There is lot of automotive industries here, but also bio-technology, informatic and other industrial cluster. The high standards of living and location itself (not far from Austria, France, Switzerland, Italy and other places like Munich and Frankfurt) make Stuttgart a very nice place to live and work.
Stuttgart has a very open integration policy. Everybody who comes is a Stuttgarter. Come to Stuttgart! Be one of us!