Relocation – Settle down in Munich

You want to enjoy a flying start in Munich?
Ok, what has to be done? You should keep in mind several things.
Munich with many inhabitants is an outward-looking and multicultural place to live. But some organizational duties have to be done first. These are challenging and may be different from your home country.

You´ll have several questions before arriving in Munich
Where do I want to work?
Where and how do I want to live?
How do I find housing?
Which regulatory matters have to be done?
What? How? Where? When?

Blue Card EU

Condition for Blue Card EU since first of January:

Working in Germany as a highly qualified person you can ask for a Blue Card EU.
Here are the main condition you have to fulfill:

  •  a German or recognised foreign or comparable foreign higher educational qualification,
  • submission of an employment contract or a binding job offer,
    as a matter of principle proof of a minimum annual gross salary of 49.600 Euro.Exception: A lower salary threshold of 38.688 Euro is applied for EU Blue Cards issued to scientists, mathematicians and engineers, as well as to doctors and IT specialists.


Residence registration

New law of residence registration (“Meldegesetz”) in Germany starting 1st of November 2015 . It applies nationwide in Germany.
Landlords have to hand over a “Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung” to their new tenants
If you rent an apartment or flat and move in you have to go to the registration office (Meldebehörde, Bürgergeramt) to get registered within two weeks. Since the 1st of November you need besides registration form (filled in) another form called “Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung”.  This form must be filled in and signed by your landlord or his representative. The form includes information about the tenants, date of moving in etc. This form is valid only if it is signed by your landlord or his representative.

You will find the form on the gohelpy platform for online relocation.