How to settle down in Berlin

You want to enjoy a flying start in Berlin?

Ok, what has to be done? You should keep in mind several things.

Although, Berlin is an outward-looking and multicultural place to live, organizational duties have to be done first, these are challenging and a bit different from your home country.
You´ll have several questions before arriving in Berlin,

  • Where do I want to work?
  • Where and how do I want to live?
  • How do I find housing?
  • Which regulatory matters have to be done?
  • What? How? Where? When?

Gohelp.y provides answers and solutions for you.

  • In order to make your steps to your new home in Berlin as easy as possible, we classify and manage them with you,
  • We do not only provide you with information, but we develop an individual road-map for your way as well. This road-map guides you to the whole process, beginning in the country your currently live in until living in Berlin. After moving to your new flat, the process of feeling home in Berlin starts: learning German, finding sports and leisure activities and discovering your new city. We accompany you during this process as well, if you like.

Try gohelp.y’s XpatVisor for free and make your own experiences.